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26 August 2015 @ 10:30 pm
how exciting and scary
20 July 2015 @ 10:11 pm
Right now, I am not at home. I am at a university for two weeks. It is a programming camp.

Today, which is Monday, is the first day of camp. I have met my roommate, who is from Beijing (how cool!), and also my class, which consists of 100% boys and 100% gamers. Including the instructor. Anyways. I signed up for the java-language run app development class, so I am hoping this will be a lot of fun. Since I already know a lot of Java, it has been a breeze today. Some kids came in not knowing it that well (despite the fact that it was a prerequisite??), so our "review" session went a bit slowly. I sped through the lesson... it was the basics. I hope tomorrow will be more challenging and fun. We still haven't started making an actual app yet.

My teacher, along with my classmates (there are eight of us), are mostly gamers. In fact, all. Except for me. My instructor occasionally calls out break-time, and when that happens, everyone switches their screens and plays TF2 or League or some other game. To be honest, I can't tell the difference between them. I just know what they're called and that they exist.

There are, however, pretty cool people here. For one, there is my roommate from Beijing, who is nice. I have also met some people while I was eating alone at lunch (lmao). I kind of just sat down at a random table and they talked to me. It was pretty cool. We talked about Silicon Valley and some other shows. And programming languages, and what's the best IDE, things like that. I don't quite fit in because I'm not exactly a tech geek (yet! hopefully I can read up on some tech stuff this summer--if I'm going into computer science, I should be some percent tech geek....lmao). It was fun, though.

One thing that really surprised me, however, was the population of girls. Or lack thereof. In a camp with what, about sixty or seventy people, there are about five girls. FIVE. That is terrible female representation. At first, I was astounded, but when I thought some more about it, I realized it wasn't too much to be surprised about. In fact, it's pretty normal, in the computer science area. (Girl power... woo...)

I'm excited to be in this new programming environment. I hope that I learn a lot in these few weeks.
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18 July 2015 @ 03:53 pm
so... celine has decided to do another unofficial music review. this time, it is on the musical classics! it has been a while since i've been immersed in the musical world (i haven't touched the piano in a while; i haven't read piano theory in a while >: >:), so my vocabulary will likely be very off/inaccurate. but i still maintain my love for music, so i will try my best to describe how i feel!

it's party time (cue music)Collapse )
18 July 2015 @ 01:33 am
welp. i've decided i am going to write a sort of informal review on two korean artists, zion.t and epik high! they are both classified as korean hip hop artists, both currently active. i am very into both of their music right now, so i might as well spew some words on their work. :)

|| zion.t

i got into zion.t very recently (a week ago), but his music has already gotten to the top of my list. i found out about him through a show a family and i were watching, called 무한도전. his personality was very aloof and i was drawn by his odd style and his manner of speaking(?). i immediately searched him up and fell in love with his music. <:
as shown in my previous post, i have taken a liking for his lyrics. his tunes are also very catchy. they have a very surreal/strange feeling to them. i am one of those people who appreciate even weird art, so this was no problem for me at all.
my favorite songs of his are yanghwa brdg and 꺼내 먹어요.

what i love about his lyrics are that they are words picked out of common conversations, common language. they are raw and real. things like "아침 챙겨 먹어요" are things you hear from your mom, or a loved one. they aren't flowery or descriptive, which can often serve as a muffling buffer between the creator's emotions and yours. (this is something i personally like, as well. i try to incorporate that into my own writing, haha.)

here is "꺼내 먹어요".

|| epik high

epik high was a group i had always told myself i should look into. it didn't happen until quite recently (a month or so ago?). but when i did, i realized that i had been missing out on a lot.
now, up until then, i was not much of a fan of rapping. sure, i listened to it here and there, but most of it was curiosity or simple tolerance. it was never quite out of enjoyment. i wouldn't listen to a full playlist of rapping or hip-hop music. epik high's music, however, is both catchy and beautiful. i can't quite place it, but their lyrics (especially tablo's) always surprise me by their profundity (?). or something. the raw feeling that they evoke through their lyrics, their tunes, their music, and the overall feel of each song is quite admirable. impeccable.
for example, their song, 나쁘다, is thick with dark, twisted emotion. the lyrics, the melody, everything is made to convey that one emotion.
their song, 'you are beautiful,' on the other hand, is cheerful and pumped-up. it's quite lively, and the raw lyrics punch at your gut (or at least that's what it did to mine).
and then there's songs like born hater or amor fati, which are so powerful and accentuated. you feel the rebellious, idgaf emotions coming from each line, each syllable.
epik high really deserves a spot in music history. perhaps they aren't quite as impressionable as mozart, but their music made an impression on me, a tiny human in a big world. and sometimes we need that.

here is burj khalifa, one of my favorite songs.


that is all.


surprise! (i am very unpredictable) i have decided to do a third review on another musical artist group--hyukoh band.

|| hyukoh band

again, hyukoh band is a band i didn't get into until recently (same time as zion.t, through the same show). i'm not too late, actually though, because it seems that they have debuted very recently (in may 2014). i love their tunes and the style of their music. it makes me kind of feel lifted into the clouds(?). very surreal. i'm not quite sure how to put it, but their music definitely has an aura that i like.
i don't have much comments about their lyrics, though. i'd say this band is one that i like more for their "musical aesthetics" (is that even a thing) more so than for their "musical artisticness." which, of course, isn't advised by Greater Artists or whatever, but what can i say. sometimes you like things for their looks. we are shallow animals.

one thing i must say, however, is that their all-english songs are iffy. their melodies are great (all of them are, i daresay), but for the love of God I can't tell what they're saying in their all-english songs. of course, i have nothing against that--i respect their use of english and everything. but it just makes me so subconsciously confused because i really, really have no idea what they're saying. i should look up the lyrics to their all-english songs one day because i've tried way too many times to understand their words. i've failed every time. haha.

again, this band i love for their musical aura. here is "위잉 위잉", my favorite song from their discography.
17 July 2015 @ 10:39 pm
I forgot to say! This song!! Is a really good song. The lyrics are so... T___T nice. The story of this song is so heartbreaking/sad/heartwarming/something(?). When I saw Katie Kim sing it on KPOP STAR (a show my family and I watch), I almost cried. And I never cry when I watch TV/read books. o___o.

It's about a child recalling his father and his difficult work/job at the Yanghwa Bridge. Idk, the lyrics, "아프지말고" makes me so... *__* sad. The simple repetition really strikes my heart.

On the topic of Zion.T's music! His lyrics are so great. His music is so nice (I've grown a liking to k-hiphop???). One of my favorite songs of his is 꺼내 먹어요. And my favorite line in that song is "사랑 비슷한걸 해요", which, roughly translated (I can't translate a line so beautiful as that with such accuracy), means "I do something similar to love you" (????????????? jfc how do i even english). It's like... you know when you like/love someone, and you don't know if you love them, or if you're just tricking yourself, or something. And idk, that simple line expresses it so well. Zion.T does that. Man.

Anyways. Sometimes beautiful lyrics are lost in translation. I like this line so much. I wrote it down in my notebook.
17 July 2015 @ 10:33 pm
Today I woke up at 1pm. It was interesting, waking up with blankets tangled all over yourself ft. birds outside being loud and obnoxious. Not to mention it was awfully bright.

Had two meals today--lunch and dinner (because my body slept through breakfast). Bacon and eggs for lunch (lmao) and bokkeumbap for dinner. Made quite a ruckus making the dinner, though.

I'm pretty happy that my score went up on my chem practice test. I haven't memorized the solubility rules or any of that yet, so I'll have to get to that tomorrow... a late start does not make for a very productive day, really.

I hope I can fall asleep better tonight (it's 10:28pm right now). It would be terrible if my sleeping schedule got wacky even during the summer. It's enough during the school year o__o.
I did get my class list in the mail. I have all the classes I wanted, which is a good thing. :)

I'm still not sure why I made this blog personal, but eh //: i never know why I do half the things I do, so...

I should probably get to writing the other two fics for the fic exchange, but I really don't feel like writing fandom things anymore. It's kind of a burden. I only ever feel like it if I see a really hot gif (lmao) on tumblr. But that doesn't happen too often, either. Writing regular prose is so much easier for me.

Perhaps I'll post some of my regular prose here. I'll do whatever on this blog... I'm still not sure why I made yeonuline a personal one. Let's hope I don't change my mind again (I get tired of myself sometimes).

I leave the house on Sunday. I won't be back for two weeks. I'll be at an overnight programming camp on a college campus (won't say the name because of privacy). My friend and I plan to make an app this summer, so hopefully when I get back, I'll know a little bit more about how to make working apps (I downloaded Android Studio, but I didn't spend too much time trying to understand it, haha). Hopefully this will help me with the computer science competition this coming year (I didn't make it into nationals--darn you, programs... messing up at 3am.........).
17 July 2015 @ 01:47 am
You could try asking me why I made a community for fics and changed this one to a personal acct, but it wouldn't be of much use because I wouldn't be able to give you a real answer.

Sometimes I ask myself what I'm doing because I can almost, at this point, say that my hobby is "making new social media accounts." It's like me with journals. I would buy a whole bunch, but I wouldn't quite use them, really. Just for the looks. Too pretty to stay on the racks with a price tag. >:

It's 1:37AM and I am sitting in my desk unable to sleep.

Tomorrow, this is what I will do.
- Wake up at 9AM.
- Eat breakfast (my brother asked for bacon and eggs, so I'll fry the bacon + eggs, cut up some fruit, get out the yogurt, have a hearty breakfast <: )
- Chemistry time (time to memorize solubility rules, polyatomic ions, and names of acids/bases--i've been putting it off for too long, haha)
- Take a practice test (!!! My score went up 100 pts the last time (lmao I started pretty low so), so I'm hoping it will happen again uwu.)
- Eat lunch (miyeok guk? or something. i can fix something simple to eat <: )
- College search (yeah idk)
- Write! (I'm trying to churn out lots of writing so I can sift out ones that are actually decent/submittable. My goal is to get accepted into a lit mag. It's pretty late already, but I'm trying. >: Hopefully before September.)

In-between things:
- wash the dishes
- clean the floor (it's been getting dirty >: )
- practice?????piano?????????????????????????????? (i think i lost the piece my teacher assigned to me jfc ;___;; )

College season is coming soon--starting from September, we'll all be nerve-wrecked by first semester senior year + preoccupied with college applications. I'm hoping to get most of my essays done before September (I know--it's a stretch, but I hope I can at least get Cornell down >: >: ).
Praying that ED choice works out for me--it would be so wonderful to just have to apply to one college, haha !!

Trying to survive the summer. :')
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